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Invest in Hafizlist Project

How it works

You can invest in our project - Hafizlist, and as a reward, you can get an access to some part or to full website. If you invest in our project, each profit will be shared with you. If you want to invest in this part, contact us at given e-mail below.

Invest in Science Center

We believe that everyone should have an access to knowledge - either in Qur'an and Religiuos Sciences or Natural Sciences, thus we have a vision to build Science Centers all over the world. If you want to spread the first imperativ Iqre - then it is ideal chance for you. You can invest in Science Center. The basic idea is that you can invest up to 2 000 000 $ to build the Science Center that consists of Techical Library, Computer Center, Programmer Center, Help Center (for students who need help in some subjects), Translator Center and much more. Then the obligation of Investor and Hafizlist CEO is to maintain that center and employ people to work there. You can also employ your people if you want. In the beginning we can build Science Center only in Bosnia and Herzegowina, later we will spread to other countries in the world. If you want to invest in Science Center contact us below

Invest in Library

Build library wherever you want in the world. Buy books and see your impact in the world. Gain your reward from Allah in ahireh.

Easily organize competition in Hifz, Hadis and Tafsir

If you decide to organize competiton in Hifz, Hadis or Tafsir you will gain access to our e-mail list, and you can easily invite hafizes and murids (people who are learning Qur'an by hard). Everything in one place.

Invest in Students

You want to give scholarship to some of hafizes or people who learn Qur'an by hard? You can do this here. We have the largest list of murids (people who learn Qur'an by hard) and hafizes who are studying. You can also give them a loan or sign a contract in such way that they have to work for you after they finishing studying.

School Sandwiches

We cooperate with group of people who organize humanitarian action - School Sandwiches. Those people collect money for sandwiches for the poorest children who are studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you want to donate money for sandwiches please contact us. The prize for one sandwich is just 0.25 Euros, or 5 Euros monthly.

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