Using Hafizlist

Registration and Login

Our Service is completely free. You can register at this link. You have to fill in some information like your name, surname, name of your muhafiz (your teacher) etc.
When you register, you will receive confirmation e-mail. You can login here then. Note that you can use our Service without e-mail confirmation, but on your profile it will be visible that your e-mail is not verified.

Account Settings

Modifying your settings

By clicking on settings icon in top right corner of your screen you can open Account Setting page. There you can modify your name, surname, email, password and hide or show your name in hafizlist. By default your name is visible.
Also you can close your account there, but notice that your information will not be deleted when you close your account. If you want to delete your account you have to contact us at contact page.

Terms, Privacy and Rules

Read this carefully before using our Service

By registering at you agree to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Rules. You can read and download these at this link. We will notify you if we change any of these by e-mail.


We appreciate your help

You can report various situations here. Please report us if the followings happens:

- Your profile has been hacked,

- Your can't access your profile,

- Somebody post haram content or forbidden content,

- Any other forbidden behaviour.

For reporting please contact us by going to Contact Us page

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